Three interchangeable heads gives this powerful, yet portable cleansing brush all the power you need to transform the appearance of skin tone, texture, elasticity, and firmness. Safe and gentle enough to use daily.

1. CLEANSING BRUSH. The Bristle Head will gently and completely remove impurities, deep clean pores, and polish the skin’s surface for improved tone, texture, elasticity, and firmness.

2. GENTLE MICRODERMABRASION. The Honeycomb Head will let you say goodbye to rough skin. The honeycomb head will gently buff away imperfections for a smooth, even texture.

3. MAKEUP APPLICATOR & TARGET CLEANSING. The Conical Head gives your foundation an airbrushed look. Just a couple of drops of foundation on your skin and smooth it in with the Conical Head. The look is flawless. Ideal to target cleansing of nose, chin, and mouth.