Traditional Co-washing is great for keeping your curls moisturized, by retaining your natural oils. But your hair needs to be cleaned properly and lovingly. Balance is key for your curls!

– Cleanses and clarifies
– Hydrates and shines
– Leaves hair detangled

Jirano ME Silky Coconut Conditioner is a luxurious, creamy, rich, formula that quenches dry hair. This unique formula combines moisturizing ingredients that instantly penetrate your hair shaft leaving you with less breakage, soft texture, manageable, more defined curls- naturally. Coconut oil, used for its hydrating properties and smoothing effect, works wonders with keratin, and Shea butter to soften and protect hair.
Our unique formula combines high quality Shea butter extracted from the nuts found in the African Shea tree. Silky Coconut Conditioner is infused with a blend of Shea to deliver deep moisture to dry hair for a polished, smooth finish.

– Leaves your curls silky soft, hydrated and manageable.
– Amazing smooth hair – easy to style
– Ultra-conditioning effect that detangles hair
– Functional keratin proteins strengthen damaged hair and prevent breakage
– Defines curls naturally with anti-frizz