Flashes of warm weather have the SHEEN team with Spring fever longing for tank tops and maxi dresses. If you’re like us and ready for bare shoulders, check out the Instyle ActivESSENCE collection. We received the Tropical Coconut Coast, Moroccan Orchid & Amber, French Vanilla Lavender and Exotic Cherry Blossom scents in vibrant, alluring, colorful bottles. As soon as the bottles arrived in our office, we all rushed to pick out our favorite scent to try. The most popular scent in our office is the Exotic Cherry Blossom but all of the scents are enticing!

Photo courtesy of the InStyle ActivESSENCE website

The fragrances have time release technology that makes the scents last up to 12 hours with skin nourishing vitamins and skin softening natural extracts. The tropical scents will have you dreaming of your next Caribbean cruise.
To purchase the scents, visit the Instyle ActivESSENCE website.