I am afraid. I mean like genuinely petrified of throwing on a pair of ripped jeans, squeezing into some tights that are even the smallest bit sheer, or God-forbid wearing a pair of shorts to the gym and exposing the patchy dryness that has overtaken what was once a glowing bronzed leg. I swear I look down at my legs during the winter and I lose all sense of self. Just me??

The thing is I am capital- L, Lazy when it comes to shaving in the winter. If I can get away with wearing pants 7 days a week with no exposure to sunlight, I am in the clear. But, it’s when a surprise event pops up or all my gym leggings are in the dirty hamper that I panic.

Here’s where Aveline came in.

I won’t lie; at first, I was intimidated by the idea of a 3-step shaving regimen because quite honestly, I can’t afford a crazy water bill. These are trying times people! But nonetheless, I decided to give it a whirl.

Step 1: Exfoliate. As I first dropped a dollop of the Salt & Sugar Body Scrub into my hand, I was pleasantly surprised by the texture of the sugar particles. Not so harsh that it hurts my skin, but also not so delicate that it doesn’t exfoliate. After a few passes over my legs, gently rubbing in circles, I noted that my skin was notably softer. A good sign for sure. I think this was definitely a key factor in my clean shave that came from this regimen.

I actually used this on my arms later just to exfoliate the dry skin that was inevitable from the cold winter weather and it worked miracles!

Step 2: Shaving Cream. I have never been one for spending money on shaving cream because, if I’m being real, I feel like body wash can get the job done just fine. Thankfully, a little bit of this product can go a long way, covering almost my entire leg with just a pea-sized amount.

After trying out this shaving cream for a couple rounds of legs and underarms, I found that using this cream gave me a smoother and more precise cut. There was little to no stubble, which is something I’ve come to accept as normal when using other cheap razors. Believe me when I say that my legs were like a slip-n-slide, they were so soft and smooth! I also really enjoyed the smell! It felt like I was on the beaches of Costa Rica, with a pina colada in hand and waves hitting my feet.

I think that this shaving cream was the perfect partner for this super unique razor. I mean just look at it; I’ve never seen anything like it! What this razor lacks in size, it makes up for in blades. This tiny thing is powerful, with a rotating head that contours to my every curve, making those pesky knee caps less of a challenge. There’s even a finger placeholder to maximize ease.

Step 3: This might be my favorite part. The Botanical Body Lotion from this kit was extremely moisturizing, locking in all the goodness of my freshly shaved skin. Again, the smell of this lotion was addicting and complimented the scent of the shaving cream used prior. And like any other good moisturizing lotion, the product was thicker and required a little more massaging to sink into the skin. Totally worth the extra couple seconds if you ask me!

I would like to personally thank Aveline for shaking away the winter-scaries and giving me back that healthy smooth skin! I can’t wait to use this as in my weekly routine all year long!


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Featured Image obtained on the official website of Aveline Razor