For 2022’s Black History month, SHEEN had the pleasure of sitting down with Artivist, actor, director and producer Gina Belafonte in a groundbreaking interview. The youngest child of legendary singer, songwriter, actor and Civil Rights activist Harry Belafonte, she dives deep with SHEEN correspondent Rachel Mbuki. She gives us insight on what it was like growing up and having to share her father, Harry Belafonte, with the world as he entertained and fought for human rights simultaneously. We juxtapose her father’s civil rights era 6 decades ago with the continuing present day fight for the same, discuss how her father was instrumental to the very existence of president Barrack Obama as well as delve into all the amazing work she continues to do with her organization where she is founder and executive director among other intriguing topics.


March 1st 2022 will mark her legendary father’s milestone 95th birthday. A celebration of 95 years of art and activism! A day the family looks forward to celebrating in a lavish event at the Town Hall Theater in New York with a confirmed guest list of some of black Hollywood’s most celebrated names showing up to celebrate the man who was among the first to open so many doors for black entertainers, professionals and activists from his selfless service to the black community in his decades long career.


Although Gina humbly prefers that the term “legend” be reserved for her father- as she does not deem herself worthy yet- when SHEEN correspondent Rachel Mbuki refers to her as one, it becomes clear throughout the interview just why she too is deserving of the same. A legend in her own right; as she shares how, through her father’s inspiration, she continues to use the arts to give back and build the black community in America and the world over through her incredibly creative outreach programs with and in collaboration with other key figures and organizations in Art and the civil rights movement of today. What of the other Belafonte generations, one might ask? What have they been up to? Gina fills us in on that as well as she allows us to pick her brain, and her father’s through her, on a myriad of topics.


To keep up with Gina’s incredible work ad be a part of her exclusive events, be sure to visit her organization’s website Founded by Harry Belafonte, educates, motivates, and activates artists and allies in service of grassroots movements and equitable change. You might be wondering if it would be possible for you to join in on her father Harry Belafonte’s iconic 95th birthday celebration at the Town Hall Center in New York city this coming March 1st 2022. The good news is yes! The event is open to the public. However, tickets are selling out fast so be sure to visit and grab your tickets while you still can.