Sheena the owner of QueenStylista’s Mane Artistry in Philadelphia. Sheena has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years and is known for her precise cuts.

How did you get your start in the hair industry?

Well, I’ve always styled hair at a very young age and worked in a few salons as a teen but I will say that I got my start working in a professional salon at the age of 21. I remember being in hair school and really learning about hair care, business, and professionalism at this salon.  2014-2015 was when I really started pushing my brand and making myself more known in the hair industry. I went to hair shows, entered hair battles, rubbed shoulders with other artists, I just continued to put my name out there and stayed consistent with it. When I found my niche, which is hair cutting (preferably short hair), that’s when I grew my audience and became known for short hair artistry and I love it.

What inspired you to become a hair stylist and open your own salon?

I have to thank my mother Alicia for waking me up at a very young age in the middle of the night to spray her bang silver in the bathroom (laughs). She’s the one that originally got my hands in a head of hair and then the girls on the block, my friends and on to adult clients.  I was inspired to open my own salon simply because of how uncomfortable I became as a stylist in someone else’s salon. I went through a period when I really started branding myself more and I prayed for growth and a change in finances. All I wanted was to be a great artist behind the chair and it was during this time period that the more I pushed my brand, the more Allah (God) pushed me in the direction of salon ownership. I have to be honest, my book was completely unstable and I wasn’t sure which direction my artistry was going. I was completely encouraged and motivated by friends and family to start the process of looking at different locations and the rest was faith. A fire was lit under me the more I prayed for growth and that’s why you have QueenStylista’s Mane Artistry.

What advice do you have for women who want to be successful in the hair industry?

Man! Find your NICHE, Perfect your skill, stay educated, promote your brand and stay consistent. In that order.

What are your favorite hair trends for fall?

My favorite hair trends for fall happens to be short hair with long bangs and little to no curls. Oh, let’s not forget to add a pop of warm tones to make a statement.

What’s next for you?

I love educating; taking my Triple Threat “HD” class on the road is a short-term goal. I love the way I educate and what other artists take from the class. Understanding cutting techniques are so important to me but I also know how difficult it can be with understanding the science of a haircut and/or styling and I want to share with the world what I’ve learned, the problems I’ve come across and how to avoid them. Cutting and styling should be fun and it’s only fun if you have confidence. That’s what I want to help with.