Sheen Magazine: Your new single “Royal Blue” is a departure from what we are used to hearing from you. Talk about how this single came about.

Rudy Currence: It’s funny because I had a concept for my album called The Coronation. I just really started coming up with a lot of regal themed songs, so “Royal Blue” is really just a part of that. One of the reasons behind the royal thing was I’ve been in the music game for a while and I want to be considered music royalty. I want to be considered one of the greats one day. That was one aspect. Another aspect from a musical standpoint was that there are so many derogatory terms being used to identify us, that I wanted to do something that was more positive, uplifting, and encouraging in a subliminal way. I just had to slip that in there that “hey, you are a Queen or a King” instead of you are a thug, hoodlum, hoe, or ratchet. So with “Royal Blue” it also appeals more to an international market since my fan base is growing, especially overseas like South America, United Kingdom, and even South Africa. I wanted to do something that appealed to a more worldly audience and give them something they can identify with.


Sheen Magazine: Is that the direction you are going with the entire album as well?

Rudy Currence: No, not necessarily. I just want to make sure the album has good songs, great melodies, good lyrical content, and stuff like that. I’m really excited about it. The album is definitely going to be thorough because I want it to be a great body of work. One of my goals is because I feel like in music we are in such a disposable time, and with so much going on, a lot of artists and labels know that people don’t really buy albums anymore. So with that, they don’t make great albums, they focus on singles and put a lot of filler records on a CD and say here’s my album. I want to make sure my album is an incredible body of work.

Sheen Magazine: Do you have any collaborations on this album?

Rudy Currence: No, but I may get my brother Mykel Starr on there. He has a new single out as well. I’m excited about what he’s doing. His stuff is more hip hop and more trap than what I do but we make it work because we both come from the same place. He’s the drummer, I’m the keyboard/piano player. It just works together. He is going to be a part of a remix production wise for “Royal Blue.” Also I am collaborating, writing and producing for other people. I wrote and co-produced a song on David Banner’s new album, it’s called “Marry Me.” It’s a song that’s just loving on women, letting them know that I’ll be there for you, I’ll be your support system and I’ll marry you. I think sometimes people just need to hear that.


To keep up with Rudy Currence, check out his website. Check out Rudy Currence’s new video for “Royal Blue.”