It’s the big night, and you’ve probably thought it all out, but do you have a glam glow game plan? Don’t worry, Vaseline’s Skincare Musts for a Valentine’s Day Glow”checklist has your back (literally)! Skincare should always be #1, especially on this day of love and pampering – so as you prep, make sure to follow these simple steps to radiant skin.

1.Expert Exfoliation: All beauty prep starts in the shower, so make sure you cover all your bases on the road to glowing skin!  The answer to extra smooth skin right out the shower is using a body brush or exfoliating gloves. Scrub your body in a circular motion to remove all the dead skin cells and follow up with a nourishing body wash.

2.Smooth to the Touch: If you plan on getting up close and personal with your significant other on V-day don’t forget the 2nd most important part to touchable skin – lotion! Exfoliation can be quite drying to the skin, so make sure you hydrate it again by applying Vaseline® Intensive CareTM Cocoa RadiantTM Lotion all over – it’s specially designed to lock in moisture, keeping skin soft, smooth and glowing. Your sweetheart will SO thank you for it!

3.Hands & Feet Love: Don’t neglect your hands & Feet!   Mix a little sugar in the palm of your hand slowly drizzle olive oil over it. Begin massaging scrub into fingers and hands for about 45 seconds. Now wash hands with warm water, dry with a clean towel and apply hand lotion. For your feet, wash them before bed and slather them with lotion, then put on your favorite fuzzy socks, and in the morning, you’ll have soft feet ready for the night’s adventure.

4.Bright Eyes: If you’re feeling tired and overworked, chances are it shows on your face. So, take some time before your date to sit down, take a breath and reduce swelling and darks circles with a couple of chilled cucumber slices. You will appear fresh faced and alert, ready for wherever the night takes you!

5.Luscious Lips: The last thing you want on V-day are dry, cracked lips! But the winter weather doesn’t help our cause, so, get crafty and make your own at home lip scrub. With just a mix of 1 tsp of coconut oil, 1 tsp of raw honey, 2 tbsp of granulated sugar and a dash of lemon juice you’re ready to exfoliate using your fingers to create soft, circular motions over your lips. Rinse with water and apply Vaseline® Lip Therapy® Rosy Lips limited edition Valentine’s Day Tin*,its non-sticky lip formula is invitingly soft and melts onto lips to give you a perfectly kissable pout.

Featured Image: Shutterstock