As a child, wearing a scarf to bed was apart of my nightly routine, but I absolutely hated it. My scarf would always come off my head and didn’t protect my hairstyle for the next day. I became the poster child for “sleeping pretty.” For those that are unaware about what sleeping pretty means, you basically avoid sleeping on your hair by any means necessary.

The Hair Pillow answered all my problems about maintaining my hairstyle. It offers the right blend of firmness and comfort to help suspend the head and neck, preventing the hair from being compressed.

In addition, strategically placed curves incorporated in the Hair Pillow create areas that allow the hair to be moved away from the head, preventing the head from compressing the hair no matter your position of sleep.

Inspired by the traditional headrests used by Japanese Geisha, The Hair Pillow is uniquely shaped to help women preserve their hairstyles overnight while at the same time offering a comfortable night’s sleep.

Made with a breathable 233-thread count, smooth cotton outer shell, The Hair Pillow also has satin pillowcases ($25) available to help prevent hair breakage and dryness, restoring moisture to the hair while also preventing sleep wrinkles.

The Hair Pillow can be used by women with all hair types and hair lengths, and can be used with or without other hairstyle preserving tools.