China Renee has become a YouTube Channel sensation from her lifestyle vlog ChinaCandyCouture. Her topics vary from makeup, skin care, fashion, relationships, family, and fitness just to name a few. She has over 193,451 subscribers that log on to see what she will do next! The “How to get Bigger Buttocks with Squats” video hit over 3 million views and her “Booty Building Garments” have become a hot commodity for body shaping. To increase total fitness results she has “A Better You” E-Meal Plan and Workout Planner to help you with your weight loss goals. My personal favorite is her OOTD (Outfit of the Day) Valentine’s Edition video featuring her husband director, producer, and celebrity stylist Khris @Khristef. Along with their beautiful daughter KJ (#KJTakeover), they are building an empire of visual wealth. Each have individual YouTube Channels with China Renee’s being ChinaCandyCouture, Khris’ is Khristef, and KJ’s is KJ Takeover! That’s why for the Social Media Issue of Sheen Magazine I had to write about one of my Top 3 favorite vloggers.

How did you start vlogging on YouTube?

I actually started blogging online and after I gave birth to my daughter I was home on maternity leave. So I had a lot of time to look online. I was reading different blogs and my husband was like, ‘you spend so many hours looking at blogs, why don’t you start your own seriously.’ So I started writing a few stories here and there online and I was inspired by fashion or celebrity news. So from there that’s where my YouTube Channel started and it’s definitely taken off. It started from me wanting to start my own blog instead of looking at other’s all day.

Where did you come up with the concept of having a lifestyle YouTube Channel?

As women we tend to multi-task and there are so many women doing so many things. I wanted to target that group because I’m like that. I’m a mom, a wife, a businesswoman, and in-between all of that I have to take care of myself. You have to take care of your health and you still want to look beautiful. That’s what my channel is all about and though women wear many hats on my channel you can relate to the fashion, fitness, or lifestyle piece of it.

How do you feel social media has helped in developing your brand?

It has done a great deal for my brand. The first social network I was able to share my work on besides YouTube was Facebook. It was great because my friends and family [on] there could share my videos and website links. So just asking those that you personally know to share is a great tool. Then once it got bigger I moved on to Twitter and Instagram, which gained a larger following. That was great because you can reach so many different people on all of these outlets at one time. It’s amazing! It’s the best marketing tool you can use.

Make sure you follow China Renee on Instagram @IamChinaRenee and on Twitter @ChinaCandyCo.

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Photo Credit: China Renee