Southern-soul artist Marcellus TheSinger releases a new single, “Do Me,” featuring the iconic Boosie BadAzz, which is now available on all streaming platforms. Download & Stream here.

Released via Marcellus Music Co, Do Me offers an immersive auditory experience that blends Marcellus TheSinger’s soulful vocals with Boosie BadAzz’s raw, gripping flow. The collaboration is a perfect harmony of rhythm and lyrical depth, set to captivate audiences worldwide. This track not only showcases the individual strengths of each artist but also marks a significant moment in music, bridging genres and generations together. Marcellus TheSinger’s partnership with Boosie BadAzz on this project underscores the vibrant creativity and bold storytelling that both artists bring to the table.

With the release of ‘Do Me,’ Marcellus TheSinger is poised to redefine expectations and offer listeners a fresh, compelling perspective on contemporary music. This latest addition to his discography not only enriches his body of work but also solidifies his standing as a transformative artist in the ever-evolving music landscape. ‘Do Me’ is a testament to his growth and potential, and it’s a track that is sure to resonate with fans and new listeners alike.

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“Do Me” Music Video

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