Beauty inspiration can kind of be hard to find. It may sound easier said than done but let’s be honest, the amount of time we’re glued to our phones may play a helping hand.

We’re constantly looking at pictures daily whether it’s our family and friends sharing their every move or celebrities gracing us with their oh so exquisite beauty looks.

Spring is perhaps one of our most favorite times of the year! The flowers are blooming and with the ever-changing fashion and beauty trends, you know we had to keep you up to date.

Join us as we’ve selected our favorite spring beauty looks that will inspire the next time you sit down to slay that face!

Here we have Nü Money Mando and then the dingus that is me, Amandla

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Glossy eyelids? Say no more. Amanda Stenber’s natural yet edgy look is super easy to achieve, which is exactly why we’re loving it!

ahh it was such a beautiful day today 😍😍

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Barley there makeup looks with a bold lippie? We’re all for it. This look can be achieved in less than five minutes!

*skipping brunch, staying in bed*

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Metallic makeup will always be a trend, right? Well, now more than ever people are embracing metallic eyeliners around the eye. A sexy, smoldering eye is the perfect look for these warm spring evenings!

Do we even have to explain this? This beauty look oh, so sexy and subtle. It’s exactly what you need to brighten up any look!

Taking photos of yourself with the back camera can be difficult…but worth it.

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What screams spring time these days? A fresh, dewy look will always be popular! Zendaya’s look can be achieved with just mascara and a heavy dose of highlighter!


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Why did we ever stop going heavy on the blush? The 80s trend could be making a comeback and we couldn’t be more excited!

Flexin these muscles in the kitchen… a cocinar se ha dicho coño 👊🏽

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Green is everything this season! The color is being used in every way possible! Green sure does seem to be taking the world of by storm, will you be incorporating it into your looks this season?

freckle fiesta by @fentybeauty 🍑

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That orange lip though!

Purple tones bring out the best in the brown eyes and Yara Shahidi is the perfect example of this.


Will you be trying out any of these spring beauty trends? Let us know in the comments below!


Featured Image: The Lively Potato | Instagram