Hey ladies! If you’re of the type that tends to drop him after “cuffing season” then chances are you can’t sit with the rest of the girls in the spring. Why? It’s boyfriend season that’s why! Don’t let a little fickleness cramp your style. Instead, keep him around until after spring. Then, when it warms up, you can drop him like a Metro PCS call in rural Georgia! You can keep him at a distance, but keep his clothes on your back. There’s no better way to welcome spring, show off your style, and fashion sense than in your boyfriend’s clothes. Not because it’s cute, cute was for high school, but because his disproportionate closet drapes off of your shoulders giving you that movie star drama as you cross a busy intersection. His rugged jean with a tank and messy bun always gives the town some envied shabby-chic. Not to mention, you’ll have him going crazy once he see’s you in some of his gear! Guy’s like that kind of stuff. It gives us a sense of territory and strokes our egotistical ideals of hyper-masculinity. Go figure.

claire-bf jeans

Blogger Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily

Not enough to entice you to keep him around? Well, for the fiscally conscious and dollar hoarding millennial fashionistas, it gets even better! The best part about shopping for boyfriend season is the clothes are practically free! Here’s how. Call him up and make a house visit. Then, raid his closet! Look for light-weight sweaters, cardigans, tees, jeans, basically anything in his closet that can be accentuated with a pump, stiletto, or even one of your casual shoes. Now, here’s where it can get a little tricky. “Most” guys buy from the same dark color palette, so your options for color will be a bit slim. This is where you accessorize! To ensure you’re stepping out on your spring A – game; invest in your “WOW” pieces during this season. Wow pieces take a simple ensemble to the next level by adding an area of focus and pop. I recommend neons and animal prints. They can be worn in almost any season. As for pastels….well….that’s self-explanatory.