She’s a manager, media mogul, and manager to her son, one of the hottest rappers of 2020, Polo G. Starting off in the music industry, Mac had no experience in the field but if you thought that would slow her down in her journey, you were clearly mistaken. The Chicago native, who previously worked in property management ultimately used the skills she learned in her previous career to help her son achieve success in the music world. She launched, ODA/Only Dreamers Achieve in an effort to connect and help others achieve their maximum level of success. We caught up with Stacia Mac to discuss ODA, her podcast, I Birth Legends, and much more!

Can you start off by telling us how you got where you are today by using your property management experience to pave your way in the world of entertainment?

Property management is kind of chaotic, like the music industry (laughs). I transferred application as it relates to organization. If you’re organized, you can juggle multiple things simultaneously. It helps you build a strong foundation and ensures you are organized in your day to day operations. That’s how I applied my experience from property management into entertainment management. My prior experience made the transition that much easier.

What inspired the launch of ODA/Only Dreamers Achieve?

My son always wanted to have a record label, a publishing company, and so much more based around the music industry. I knew we should have a hub to manage and oversee all the things he manifested. ODA Management manages all the extensions of the brand and the businesses that we embark on.

Tell us about the podcast, “I Birth Legends.”

I Birth Legends podcast is a community of matriarchs where we celebrate their seeds, discuss their journeys, and discover how the matriarchs have helped people get where they are today. It’s not just tailored towards artists, it includes people from all walks of life whether it’s an entrepreneur, athlete, activist, and more. Sometimes you see remarkable people and you wonder, who is their mother? What was their home life like? That’s what sparked I Birthed Legends. It’s an inside look at the person who molded and shaped that legendary person.

photo by Charles

Tell us about the launch of the label.

The label launch is a big deal for us. My son had this dream when he was a teenager. To see it come into fruition and be a part of it is something I’m very proud of.

What are you currently working on? What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Right now, I’m working on an I Birth Legends book. It’s a guidebook for parents to assist them in molding their legendary children. It includes workbooks and worksheets for positive affirmations, and details some of my own experiences. It’s important to keep a positive mind and continually reinforce your child’s aspirations as they navigate through life.

photo by Don Juan The Shooter

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