Attention everyone! Tyra Banks is at it again! There’s been a major breakthrough in the modeling world as Tyra Banks has removed the cap for how old a contestant can be to enter her hit show, America’s Next Top Model. Before this weekend, contestants were only allowed to compete up until the age of 27. However, the supermodel has had a change of heart. Ms. Banks posted a video to her Instagram feed revealing that not only would she be returning to the show as a host, but that all ages over 18 were welcome to apply. The video now has over 311k views and growing!

“You want to audition for America’s Next Top Model? I don’t care how old you are, honey, you just need to know how to smize and be open to learning how to work the runway like a supermodel,” says Tyra. The video sent social media into a frenzy as fans welcomed the news. The reality show will be entering it’s 24th cycle on VH1 soon. Be sure to tune in to see who will have what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model this go round.


Featured Image: Shutterstock