Taffi Dollar held the 23rd Refresh Women’s Conference at the World Changers Church International and she welcomed a panel of reality stars who discussed faith, pop culture and how they maintain their faith while being apart of the entertainment business. These reality stars included Towanda Braxton (Braxton Family Values), Ms. Evelyn Braxton (Braxton Family Values), Kim “Real Talk Kim” Jones Pothier (Preachers of Atlanta), Carla Stephens (Mother Funders) and Dr. Jackie Walters (Married to Medicine). It was quite an interesting conversation. Ms. Evelyn held nothing back as she gave the reality of still maintaining your faith and image while going through struggles in the public eye. “Real Talk” Kim gave a brief sermon discussing her previous mistakes in relationships and how women can learn and move forward. Dr. Jackie tackled not supporting sex before marriage, but still promoting safe sex as a professional doctor.


The Refresh Women’s Conference impacts thousands of women from all over the world.

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Taffi’s new book Gender Roles is also available as well as her upcoming cd Heart Of Nations, which will be released May 2016.