Can she skin it

Yes, she can!

Tattooing is an art form that has been around for decades. People get tattoos for various reasons, like commemorating a person who has passed or symbolizing a person, place or thing that means a lot to them. This art form has gone from underground to mainstream in the last couple of years and has gained popularity with all kinds of people no matter where they come from. If you have something to say and you don’t want to say it, that’s ok because tattoos, if done right, will speak volumes for you. This kind of artistry is not for the faint of heart, you have to know what you are doing, have a following, and love what you do. Kat Tat has been a tattoo artist for more than a decade and knows how to make her clients happy. With over a million Instagram followers, her chair and client list are always filled with happy customers waiting for their story to be told with a touch of her talent.

Her start assembled when she was bitten by the artist bug at a very young age. Her mom being an artist, encouraged her to pursue the art industry with an iron fist. Tat describes herself as “the girl in high school who always carried around her art portfolio.”

Always drawing and expressing herself, she always enrolled herself in art classes. In her sophomore year, her art teacher was so impressed with one of her drawings, that the teacher eventually entered her drawing into a contest in Illinois. Proving that she is a force to be reckoned with, she didn’t go home empty handed, she ended up winning first place in the state of Illinois and was awarded a scholarship and invitation to the next round of the competition. Although she didn’t win the competition in its entirety, it was an amazing experience that she has never forgotten. Knowing that she could be recognized for her art as a teen propelled her to keep pursuing her dreams of becoming an artist and practice her craft.

In knowing that her knack for drawing was innate, she decided to show her talent in the show “Black Ink Crew.” Her most memorable moment from the show was inking a Wonder Woman like tattoo on herself. That moment really touched her because she didn’t know if inking herself would elevate her to the next level and it proved to be a successful experience. The experience made people talk and expanded her popularity.

With the digital age not slowing down, Tat knows that the tattooing field will become more advanced and complex with the type of drawing that one can make. Already a fan of the digital market, she understands that technology can expand on how people will want to view and show their tattoos to the world. Expressing oneself used to be trapped in the stone ages, but with the help of technology, new patterns of art have evolved to express yourself. Katt also shares that with technology, tattoos hurt less, giving her clients a happy and joyful experience.

Tattoos are a staple on everybody’s skin. Whether you get one or not, you probably want to know how it got there and the story behind its design. Art is not one dimensional anymore. With the help of technology and new ways of perceiving art, not only on a canvas, you can tell your story and send a message that speaks volumes.

Do you know what this boss babes favorite tattoo is? One of her favorite tattoos that she has on her body is the name “Jane” on her right risk. Jane is Tatt’s aunt. The tattoo means a lot to her because it commemorates the life and passing of her aunt. Before she passed, she wanted a tattoo from Kat and got one that made her very happy.

What is her formula for being so successful? Well, it goes like this: Hard work plus determination and being herself. There is no person like you. Think about. Everybody is different, and unique. Fingerprints, DNA, and snowflakes are different because they have a unique design and pattern in life. Everybody is good at something and everybody has a destiny and a calling. You might not know right away like Tatt, but you will find out in due time.

Stories need to be told and it doesn’t always have to be words and pages to express their beginning, middle, and end. People tell stories through new ways like on social media. Social media gives people a chance to be their own authors and own illustrators of their own journey and they are sharing their story with people close to them and around the world. Just like social media tattoos give people a story to talk about.

Tat is breaking barriers for people who want to express themselves in a way that is unique and will turn heads. Tat’s story is unique to her because her tattooing style is unique to her personality and her identity. She knows what makes her stand out and she knew from a young age that this is what she wants to do. Talent doesn’t have to be shown at a talent fair, it can be discovered out of nowhere or be coaxed out because of an event or situation in your life.

With years of experience under her belt, Tat has opened her own shop that has been operating for about a year. Her shop which is operated in Beverly Hills, California is the first black-owned tattoo shop there and for that, she is proud of herself. Tat’s plans to pursue other ventures in due time, so watch out for her business projects in the future. Her passion for business is evident by her hustle and willingness to get there and push herself beyond her limits.

Can she skin it? Yes, she can, she has proved herself as a tattoo diva that is here to stay.


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Featured Image by Mark Gumbs | provided by Lynn Allen Jeter & Associates