Remodista’s third annual Women2Watch Award show in New York City highlighted eighty extraordinary women impacting the retail industry. Designed as a celebration of women conquering business problems, it’s pleasant for sure to see an organization applauding the women we know exist in the business world. Given the current dialogue surrounding the business world and feminism, i.e. wage disparity, STEM initiatives for aspiring girls, and the troubling work environment found within Silicon Valley—to mention but a few of the many problems—Remodista seeks to be a solution, “…building a platform to help cultivate women leaders and solve critical challenges that the retail and financial industries are facing.”

Five prestigious women received the innovation award. Leslie Leifer, who recently launched Goodsey, a gifting brand by 1-800-Flowers, stated, “I am truly thankful to be counted amongst these amazing women and to have taken this journey with the Women2Watch from years past and those to come.” The other innovation award winners include Julie Shin, Head of Strategic Operations and Innovation, Productivity for Citigroup, Kayte Malik, founder and CEO of Dresscode Tech, Alice Kuepper, event director, formerly at Online Retailer, and Stacey Head, Founder and Managing Director of she wear.

If you’re unfamiliar with some of the companies, they are truly incredible. Dresscode Tech features beautiful bracelets which when unlocked provide a lesson plan teaching the wearer coding. The shoe company she wear was designed for work shoes – of the steel toe variety – which are not only fashionable, but actually fit a women’s foot. And if you haven’t used 1-800-Flowers, well you should. The bouquets are stunning to say the least and work for any occasion.

Dr. Shirley Jackson, President of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and the first African American to receive her PhD from M.I.T, says, “I would offer this advice to any young woman inspired by the possibility of discovery and innovation: Do not let others define who you are. Do not be limited by what others expect of you, but reach confidently for the stars.”

All of the aforementioned companies, along with Remodista, represent the wisdom found in Dr. Jackson’s words, the reality of women as movers and shakers, as innovators in the business world, confidently reaching for the stars.

Check out the event below!