Looks like the Golden Globes is making it a vegan event this year!

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association just announced this morning that this year’s meal at the award show will be entirely plant-based to raise awareness about enviornmental sustainability.

This is the first year the annual award show’s meal will consist soley of vegan options. In the previous years, vegan and gluten-free menu items were made avaliable.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, executive chef Matthew Morgan shared, “We had the menu with fish. Then we got together with the HFPA and they wanted to make this change to send a good message. It’s definitely the first Golden Globes that has gone vegan.”

In addition to going vegan on the menu, the Golden Globes is eliminating single-use plastic from the event as well! The 2020 Golden Globes takes place this weekend!

Be sure to tune into the big show on NBC at 8 PM EST on Sunday, January 5th.

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Featured Image obtained on the official Facebook page of the Golden Globes