This Sunday March 27th, 2022 at 5PM Pacific it’s time to grab your favorite beverage, a boujee dessert, and tune into The 94th Oscars baby!! Wait, I know what you’re thinking… ‘Come on… this is going to be so boring, and…I’ll watch the red carpet but… I’ll wait till the Best Picture.’ And you know what, I’d have to agree with you. The Oscar’s ratings have steadily declined over the last 6 years. At one time, the Oscars drew in as many viewers as the Super Bowl! In 1998, 50 million people tuned in for this famous Hollywood Awards affair. Yet, in 2019 29.6 million people watched, in 2020 23.6 million and last year 2021, the Academy Awards viewership dropped 60% to a horrible 10.4 million viewers. The Oscars needed Iron Man or somebody to save them. They needed a Super Squad or something… and that’s just what they assembled.

Producer Will Packer assures us,
“The Oscars will be different this year…it’s gonna be fun! This year’s theme is MOVIE LOVERS UNITE! But it’s not just a theme or a mantra, movies unite so many of us as a global community. (I asked) How do we do something that unites people no matter their background… We will also pay tribute to timeless classics… The Godfather turns 50 this year…we’re celebrating 60 years of James Bond!
When I came on board I told everyone to get ready to have a 4 hour celebration even though only about 3 hours are televised. Let’s do a 4 hour celebration so that everyone has their moment!”

At the Oscars Creative Team Press Conference, this past week, we got to sit down and meet the amazing “DREAM TEAM” who will be taking us on a journey like never before. And I must say, the team is impressive!

The team includes,

Will Packer  (Girls Trip, Think Like a Man, Straight Outta Compton, The Photograph, Being Mary Jane)

Shayla Cowan  (Will Packer Productions Chief of Staff)

And for the 1st time in 4 years the Oscars will have a host! Well, not just one host, 3 hosts! It will be the first time in the 94-year history of the show that they will have 3 Female hosts! What a great way to close out women’s history month.

Amy Schumer  Regina Hall  & Wanda Sykes will surely keep us laughing the whole show. Wanda and Regina were throwing jabs at each other in the Presser,

“We’re coming in there with love,” said Wanda, “We’re not trying to trash anyone, but we’re going to have some fun…none of us are mean spirited, except Regina… we have to hold her back!”

Regina chimed in saying, “We really do want to make the night celebratory! Wanda, who’s selfish most of the time, but on this, …very receptive and easy to work with.”

This will be Director Glenn Weiss’s 7th time directing the Oscars! For his previous work on the Oscars he won two Primetime Emmys®, and he’s directed 20 Tony Awards® shows, which earned him three directing Primetime Emmys

“We are here to honor movie lovers and movies, but we’re having fun producing and you’re going to have a great time watching,” says Glenn

Production Designer David Korins (Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Beetlejuice) says expect a “Future Forward” light show with flying and tracking cameras.

“Whenever you get a chance to make the visual landscape for the Oscars… it has to be FUN, ELECTRIC, EXCITING, …our version of the future is Light Forward! Kinetic energy! You will not feel like you’re watching the same show for over 2 hours!”, David Korins exclaims

Everyone was extremely excited about the innovations and surprises that Musical Director Adam Blackstone  (Superbowl Halftime Show with Dr Dre, MD for Janet Jackson, Nicki Minah, Rihanna and more) has in store. Without giving away too much they said Beyoncé gonna Beyoncé’”

Expect “out of the ordinary and extraordinary music experiences”

The confidence and excitement of this team is definitely contagious…in a good way!
Will on having Adam Blackstone on board… “For the music on the show this year…I challenged Adam to top the Superbowl!”

Let’s tune in and be ready to be entertained! See you at the Oscars!!

Photosq courtesy of Oscar’