Barely two weeks ago, Russell Simmons decided to create his own awards ceremony called the All Def Movie Awards in the midst of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy named after Simmons’ All Def Digital platform.

Rock said “This is not a shot at the Oscar’s, this is just our awards show done our way. Everything’s better when we add our flavor to it.”

The show was held at Lure’s Nightclub in Hollywood hosted by Tony Rock on Wednesday February 24, 2016  and will air this Sunday on Fusion.

The awards are set in a party atmosphere with not so usual awards given like “Best Bad MF,” “Most Helpful White person” and more.

Simmons said, “it’s a shame because whenever I talk about animal rights, civil rights, Islamophobia, homophobia or any of that, there’s that Hollywood liberal [expletive]; and here we are, with the most compassionate group of activists on the planet, and still we live in the most segregated place on the planet — Hollywood.”

We’re excited to see what the All Def Movie Awards will entail and maybe we’ll all begin to move in the right direction with diversity in awards.

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Photos by Getty Images