The acoustic genius teaches men to be transparent and the ladies are here for it all.

Musically on the move, making tunes we can all jam to, I caught up with the gifted singer Kevin Ross just before he boarded a flight. While he apologized for the airport background noise, immediately it felt like our synergy was of one accord – exactly like his music – vibing like old friends catching up at a high school reunion. With the release of his new music, we’re looking forward to rolling the windows down and rocking out to Ross all summer long.

Young, but wise beyond his years, the award-winning musician spoke soulfully. Cut from a different cloth and with an enlightened aura, Ross is an open book, full of that good ole fashion mother wit (from the wise aunties, grannies, & teachers who poured into him). And it’s true, there aren’t many others within this generation on the same type of trajectory Ross is currently scaling.

He has a sense of understanding that only comes from a seasoned life of honest searching. The salt of the earth, Ross knows from where his blessing derive – The Most High- God.


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