Hot showers are the absolute best due to the relaxation and stress relief the steam and warm sensation provides. However, when it comes to hair care, warm showers are not always the beneficial. Though hot water gets rid of the dirt, oils, and grease more effectively, cold water provides an ample amount of benefits for your hair that produces greater health.

  1. Hot Water Rinse Pros and Cons

Hot water definitely strips away the dirt and grime. The heat allows the cuticles of the hair to open which leads to a more effective detox. However, when used too frequently, hot water has the ability to leave hair dry and brittle.

  1. Lock in 101

Rather than having your hair cuticles completely open during a shower, cold water rinses shut them tight. This pushes waste products away from the scalp, slows down excessive oil production and rids you of many hair problems. The moisture is now locked in after the cold water rinse and the grime is gone.

  1. Final Rinse Benefits of Cold Water

Though emerging your whole body in cold water may be uncomfortable, the benefits it has in nourishing your hair makes it worth it. Cold water rinses add shine, allow the hair to grow longer faster, prevent hair loss, and prevents that displeasing frizz that we all hate. Both temperatures are beneficial in their own way, however, the cold water rinse has more lasting and beautiful benefits for your hair.

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