It’s no surprise the ladies love him but Sheen just can’t get enough of him either! The Challenge star, Cory Wharton absolutely shocked the world before we brought in the New Year, revealing that he and Are You The One vet, Cheyenne have a daughter together. If you didn’t already have a reason to love this reality star, we’re about to give you many reasons to be in love with him. He’s known for putting a target on his back on the hit show as he told the entire Challenge house that he was coming for the big dogs such as, everyone’s favorite person to love and hate Johnny Bananas. We sat down with Cory to get the dirt on his experience on the shows and how his beautiful daughter, Ryder has changed his life.

Could you tell our readers about yourself and how you ended up on reality television shows?

I’m Cory Wharton, I’m 26 years-old. I’m originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan and I moved off to Los Angeles five years ago. The reason I moved to LA is just to chase the dream. I wanted to change up my environment and go after the stars. You only get one shot at life, you got to live it up. I applied for a show called, The Real World, I did that four years ago and since I’ve done a lot of shows after. I’ve done The Challenge, Champs vs. Stars, and a couple others so I’ve definitely done the reality show thing. (laughs)

How would you describe your experience on these shows?

Life changing, honestly. It’s almost like self-therapy in a way because you’re watching yourself, I wouldn’t your lowest moments in life, but definitely not your highest either, you know? You’re doing self-therapy yourself. It’s life changing, I wouldn’t take anything back and I’m happy about it.

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter Ryder! In what ways do you believe Ryder has taught you about life and fatherhood since finding out that you were a father?

Ahh, just that it’s time to grow up a little bit. (laughs) I always tell people that I needed Ryder more than she needed me. Cheyenne has always been a great mother. I’ve always just had such a great support system and I believe that God was just like, “Alright Cory, it’s time to slow your roll a little bit.” (laughs)

What would you say you have gained from your experience on reality television?

I’ve gained a lot but I would say my overall perspective of life. Coming from Michigan, I was so close to my environment, the people around me, and what their opinions were that I really never got to develop my own. Now, travelling the world, doing these shows, and seeing everything, I can develop my own world view and I have my own opinion. Not just my parents’ opinions, I can develop my own. So, it’s been huge!

We see a lot of relationships form on reality television, would you say you have a partner in crime on the show?

I would definitely say the person I’m closest with on the show is Nelson, which is crazy because we’ve fought on the show. (laughs) I feel like you have to go through that to be close with someone. So yeah, the person I’m closest with after doing these shows would be Nelson.


It’s obvious that you have a fued with Johnny Bananas for quite sometime now. We’ve also heard you say, “Out with the old, in with the new,” Can you tell us about that and what we can expect to see from Cory Wharton in the future?

I mean… I just hear from a lot of viewers that their sick of seeing Johnny. How many times can you see one person? There is a new group of Challengers who bring a whole different swag, new vibe to the scene. People know that and you can see it. There’s the old school way of doing things and there’s a new school way. I feel like I’m kind of the first one to bring in that new wave of talent. It’s cool to think that I will go down as one of the OGs of the new wave. It’s funny because I had to put my neck out there to let it be known that we’re here to stay and we’re here to play.

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