The director, producer, writer keeps the film business in the family.

The story of black independent film producer, writer, and director, Deon Taylor is no ordinary one. He’s long surpassed the days of requesting 30 cents on pump one, the worries of a mother working multiple jobs, and a father’s long day at the steel mill. Equal parts talent and struggle, Gary, Indiana taught the growing triple threat, to remain humble, love his family, get things done, and breathe on Sundays.

As a young black kid growing up in the USA, one of Deon’s biggest dreams was to work on a movie set. However, he was never afforded the opportunity until he eventually decided to make his own film. Fast forward to 2019, after shooting four movies and releasing The Intruder and Black and Blue, it has been quite the year for Deon and his studio Hidden Empire Film Group. Yet, during this fruitful season, he is most grateful for the love of his family, which is how he stays grounded in the ever busy melting pot of Hollywood.


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Photo credits: Omar Joseph