Latoia Fitzgerald is sweeping the globe with her designs made for the everyday go-getter.

Attention all city girls we have a line for you! We caught up with designer Latoia Fitzgerald of Lionne. You may not know Latoia yet, but you have probably seen her clothing on the likes of Karrueche and Draya Michele. Latoia’s line is elegant and sophisticated with a smart and palatable street edge. This line seems to be for the woman who knows where she’s going, where she’s from, and combines the two in a sexy, soft, yet tenacious package. We wanted to learn more about a woman with these qualities and to find out how Latoia creates this inimitable line.

You grew up in a very creative environment with a videographer as a father, and a mother who was a seamstress making drapes and costumes for productions. What was it like growing up with artist as parents, and how did that inspire you to get into fashion?

It was great living in a creative household. I think being in the basement with my mother while she would sew and create is what inspired me to pursue a career in fashion.

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Featured Image obtained on the official Instagram of Latoia Fitzgerald | photo by Walter W Brady