The gospel hip-hop artist and pastor is a multidimensional artist and talent.

It’s rather rare for a pastor to have another occupation other than caring for their congregational flock, and yet, if they did, for the occupation to involve hip-hop? The combo seems rather unlikely. However, it’s this very pairing of preaching and hip-hop that defines the creatively gifted Canton Jones. In fact, the differences between a hip-hop artist and pastor might not be as drastic as you’d expect. According to Jones, both rely on creativity and passion to impact those around them. We were fortunate to be able to pick his brain about what it’s like to lead a life dedicated to both roles.

Can you name of the professional parallels between being a pastor and rapper?

When it comes to pastoring, comparing it to being an artist, you have to be creative and give people a new perspective. A pastor is a spoken word artist. They have to articulate and captivate through talking. Sometimes when it comes to messages and Bible stories, your audience has heard it all before. When you show them something different, they’re like “Oh I haven’t heard it like that,” just like a new artist might come on the scene and may remind you of someone else, but is still different. I preach a little dramatically at times, but that’s kind of what it takes. Even when I’m speaking I’m getting as much out of it as everyone else. When people see your passion, and you believe what you are saying, they believe it too.


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