At the end of the 1st part of OWN’s original drama, “Greenleaf,” the world of the Greenleaf’s had fallen apart. This prestigious African American church family was becoming more and more transparent both literally and figuratively as the lead characters see each other clearly. At the helm of the costumes for Greenleaf is Johnetta Boone who credits a by chance interaction in her hometown of DC, as the spark that flames for her love of fashion.

Johnetta started her career with a passion for photography and contributions spreads for Vogue: German, US Magazine and Entertainment Weekly. “I was an assistant for six years learning the business from designers like Byron Lars, I just wanted to learn the business. “ Her first costume designing gig was for HBO’s K Street, from there she’s worked on Cadillac Records, Tyler Perry’s Good Deed’s and most recently Surviving Compton: Michel’le’s Story.

“I have a very strong belief in God and Jesus,” says Johnetta,” I’d spent enough time in a church and resources in my mind to portray a strong church family.” Season 2 of Greenleaf took 8 months of production and included over 150 characters that were clothed and styled for each scene. In her position of Wardrobe Department Head, Johnetta longs seven day a week production schedules. “When people come to me saying they want to do what I do, I don’t think they have a clue the amount of time.”

Each character of Greenleaf has their own personality and style because they come from affluence the wardrobe has a polished and regal style. Johnetta’s team of seamstresses and tailors custom create The Bishop’s signature silk pajamas sets and regal 2-pieces suits. “Gigi, Greenleaf’s lead, for example, is tall and has an athletic body,” says Johnetta .“Lynn Whitfield’s character is 5’4 and everything must be altered for a good fit.”

Costume Designer, Johnetta Boone

Boone’s work can we seen on Greenleaf  and on season three coming soon.