Leslie Crawford is a rising literary mogul in her own right.  She is successfully navigating the pages of her own story right before our eyes.  With over 10 years of experience she has self published four books of her own while also guiding other authors.  Leslie began Exposed Books Publishing, LLC in 2013 in Baltimore, MD.  In 2018 she was able to turn her passion into her full time business.  She strives to give authors their literary freedom through their finished book projects.

Her menu of services include consulting, editing and publishing for indie authors.  As an author herself, Leslie is empathetic to the needs of first time authors.  She understands how nerve wrecking and scary that the literary world can be so her industry knowledge is credible. Exposed Books Publishing LLC also offers self publishing workbooks that serve as the blueprint for various types of written work templates for interested authors.   

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Leslie’s writing passion continues with the release of her new book, Dear Future Black Queen.  This new title is a collection of poems to help inspire young girls into an adulthood full of confidence and positive self-esteem. Leslie promotes this title and other children’s literature through her additional brand known as The Literacy Shop.  Her goal is to help make reading fun and cool for all youth. To purchase writing services, click here.  To connect with Leslie Crawford on social media please follow her at: @author_leslie or @theliteracyshop.  


Writer, C. Scott, is a Mompreneur; author, social worker, & early literacy interventionist.



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