Actress Erica Hubbard’s 2019 is off to an amazing start with the movie Fall Girls, airing on BET this Saturday, January 12th. Erica has graced us with her television presence for almost two decades. You may have first recognized her from the movie, Akeelah and the Bee or from the ABC series, Lincoln Heights, but over the years, since that time, she’s contributed so much to the world of entertainment. We enjoyed her on BET’s series, Let’s Stay Together, The Love Letter, Chicago Med, and many more shows. She has also played in movies galore, like Annette Galloway’s Just A Friend, Christopher Nolen’s,  Professor Mack, Warren Pemberton’s,  The Other Side—just to name a few, because the list literally goes on and on and on for this talented beauty.

In a recent interview, I had the chance to sit down and discuss her brand new movie, Fall Girls. The BET comedy highlights Paige Davis, who received a promotion to president on her job. Paige and a group of her co-workers, go on a trip with their boss, Simone so that she can give her farewell speech. After a fun night of partying it up, Paige and her friends surprisingly wake up to find that the boss is dead. In a hilarious attempt to make sure they close an important company deal, the girls plot and plan together to make sure people still believe Simone is alive.

Written and directed by Chris Stokes for BET, Fall Girls is a must watch movie that showcases elements of comedy, curiosity, and intrigue. Erica shared some interesting and funny moments about working with the dynamic ladies of the cast that includes: Singer, Amara La Negra, Tami Roman, Erica Peeples, Paris Phillips, and Joely Fisher. Take a look of a portion of the interview below:

The movie has a great storyline, can you share some of your experience working on it?

This movie is one of the funniest movies that I’ve had the privilege and opportunity to work on. When I first read the script for Fall Girls, I fell in love with it. I was in Chicago when I got the call to do Fall Girls in LA, all of us immediately connected, all the Fall Girls. The chemistry was all there, we all gelled. The cast is amazing. J-Boog was nice eye-candy on the set. I worked with him, got to kiss all over him, I got some extra kisses in there—like wait a minute, we need to do that scene again, lots of ad lib! Also, working with Chris Stokes, I mean come on, he’s done film after film, after film, he’s a really talented director. He let us breathe life into it, and that’s how you get this movie that flows so well from the beginning, middle to end. I think people will enjoy it. Everyone put their hard work and dedication into this film.

Everyone’s character in Fall Girls has a completely different personality. How do you personally identify with Tyra, the character you played?    

Your question is so great. I had to change up the backstory of my character a little bit on set, because I came in and had my character set a certain way with her cadence, her mannerisms, her innuendos, her subtleties, but I saw everyone else’s performances in the scene, and I was like ehhhhh, they’re too much alike.  With Tyra, I decided to make her a little bit more like my character in Black Coffee. The movie Black Coffee also airs the same day as Fall Girls. If people haven’t seen Black Coffee, watch that, and then watch Fall Girls. I kind of took a little bit of Mita’s character and added it to Tyra, but when people see it, they’ll recognize the differences in the characters.

How would you describe your personality as it relates to some of the characters you’ve played over the years?

I like to incorporate kind of like a dual personality, so you don’t know what kind of woman you’re gonna get! In every movie I do, I call it dating on screen, because every movie I have some kind of love moment. So, it’s a give and take thing with me and a lot of my characters. I can be the sassy girl like I was on Let’s Stay Together on BET when I was Kita, but then you see that side to her where she was conservative like Cassie on Lincoln Heights. So people say, well which one are you? I consider myself both, I can have a dual personality. It works for relationships because it’s a give and take, even on screen and just in life every day. You don’t want to be too much of one thing.

Describe some of your philosophy about how you relate to everyday life in general.

You want to be light-hearted in life and kind of go with the flow—not take anything too serious because you should be as optimistic as you can. With a lot of the roles I have, I can really relate to them because they have those moments where they’re light-hearted, and then they have moments where they put their foot down. I think that’s just life.

You can hear Erica Hubbard’s FULL interview soon on the Actor’s Spotlight hosted by Desirae L. Benson. Be sure and watch Fall Girls on BET this Saturday and check programming for more dates and times to follow.

Check out the official trailer for BET’s Fall Girls below!

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