You may know them as sisters highlighted on WE tv’s Love Thy Sister reality show but now, they’re taking their love for beauty to the next level. These South Carolina native sisters teamed up in order to create Rucker Roots, a natural hair care line that allows young girls and women to embrace their natural, healthy hair while still rocking those glamorous hairstyles. This year, the Rucker sisters have made it their personal mission to provide women with the best products in order for them to embrace their very own beauty. We sat down with Ellen and Ione Rucker to find out more on Rucker Roots!

Do you mind telling us a little about the idea behind Rucker Roots?

Ione: Ellen and I come from a very big, close knit family and our mother always believed in natural hair. She never allowed us to get relaxers in our hair and she always used natural products like vegetables and oils from the kitchen to put in our hair. She just always believed that we shouldn’t put chemicals in our hair to help it grow. As we became mothers, we found ourselves doing the same thing. Though we did have relaxers in our hair at one period, we transitioned back to natural. With our daughters, we wanted to figure out ways their hair could be as healthy as possible. One day, we just decided to bottle it up because it is our passion, it’s what we love to do. We love natural, healthy hair. Rucker is our maiden name and Root comes from us having root vegetable oil as an ingredient in our products such as, carrots, ginger, and turnip.

What is it like working with each other? Is it hard being in business with your sister?

Ellen: Oh, we do butt heads. (laughs)

Ione: We do butt heads but I think working together, the pros outweigh the cons just because we are best friends and we talk to each other all day long. We know what one another is thinking, we know what each other’s strengths and weaknesses are which could be a bad thing too sometimes (laughs) but I would definitely say the pros outweigh the cons.

Ellen: I would agree. A lot of times when you’re working with family members, you would probably say and do things that you normally wouldn’t do with a normal co-worker. We do have frequent falling outs and disagreements but fortunately, since we’re family, they don’t last long at all.

Why do you all believe it is important to bring attention to embracing your hair and maintaining it’s health?

Ellen: I think it’s very important, especially having young girls. We have 12-year-old daughters who are very much impressed just by what they see. We just believe it’s important to truly enforce that they should be comfortable in whatever kind of hair or hairstyle they have. Obviously as African-American women, we all hair different types of hair and structures simply because there is a huge spectrum. We want our girls, every young girl, every woman to feel comfortable rocking their roots. We have formulated product that caters to all needs.

What are your favorite products from Rucker Roots and why?

Ione: My favorite is the Anti-Frizz Silkening Growth Serum because I have very thick hair, kind of on the coarse side. I could use it everyday as a styling and shine agent without it weighing down my hair. It helps it not only shine but also helps it grow.

Ellen: My favorite out of our products right now is the Detangling Conditioner. I have more fine, straighter hair and I can use it as a co-wash and I also like to use it as a deep conditioner. I often like to deep condition or do some kind of treatment on my hair, so I can sit under the dryer with the product on my hair or I can also do steam treatments on it as well. I like it because there is so much you can do with it. I like to wear my hair curly most of the time so I’ll use it as a conditioner and leave some of it on while I wear my hair curly.

What can we expect from Rucker Roots this year?

Ellen: We’re on the verge of getting our products in store. We want to be in beauty supply stores and professional beauty supply stores as well. We’re in tons of salons in the Carolinas and we would like to be in stores all over the world too. Also, we’re working on expanding the line!


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