In the kitchen, wrist twistin’!

Its almost been six years since I’ve moved out of my parents’ house and one of the many things I quickly learned during my first couple of days by myself was that I was a spoiled brat who never cooked a day in her life. For me, cooking was heating up hot pockets and ramen in the microwave at college.

Well, all that microwaving got old, fast.

When I got my own place it was time to take matters into my own hands. With the help of YouTube, I taught myself how to cook and now I find myself challenging myself in the kitchen to more difficult meals. I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything but I’d like to think I’m pretty decent in the kitchen.

I have to admit, what makes cooking easy for me is the tools I have in the kitchen. My mother’s kitchen hand-me-downs were great for a time but when it was time to get my own things, I found it easy with a little help from The Grommet.

Not only has The Grommet been helpful to me as my skills in the kitchen progressed but it has become a true lifesaver for me this holiday season. The official website allows their visitors to discover new products from small business and local makers. Not only does The Grommet offer unique products that will save you time in the kitchen but they also offer a variety of products for that tech-savvy person, fitness loving, or artistic person on your list. The website has products for men, women, children, you name it!

Check out a few of my favorites from The Grommet!

Oval Concave Cutting Board

You probably think that a cutting board is a cutting board but I’ll be the first to tell you that I’ve been through many and this board has been my favorite so far. It was cut so that the curves direct all the juices and flavor to the center of the board. It won’t budge as its non-slip gripper holds the board in place when cutting, carving, etc.

Hard-Boiled Egg Peeler

I don’t know about you but I hate peeling eggs. As a matter of fact, I suck at peeling eggs. I love boiled eggs but dread having to peel the shell off everytime. This product intrigued me and I am so glad I got it! All it needs is a little water and a little shake!

Buddha Bowl

This hands down, the coolest bowl I own. I can eat or drink from it easily no matter where I’m at! During these cold winter months I love a good soup in this bowl! Say goodbye to pain because it conforms to your hand just perfectly!

Microwave Cover & Baking Dish

Say what?! I love products that can do more than one thing. Pop this bad boy in the microwave over your food so there is no mess or use it as a baking dish. Its durable, does not stain, and handles an insane amount of heat!

Silicone Food Savers – Set of 4

I’m not sure where these have been all my life but their name couldn’t be more accurate. These food huggers create a seal around leftover fruits and veggies and also works over jars to keep food fresh.

Manual Food Chopper

Don’t let this tiny tool fool you because it is powerful yet doesn’t need any power! That’s right, all you have to do is pull the cord to start your prep work. Whether you’re chopping up vegetables or mixing up concoctions.

Clip-On Strainer

This easy clip attachable strainer has changed my life for the better! It conforms to the size of the pot you are pouring out of and lets you pour easily.

For more on The Grommet, click here!

All images obtained from The Grommet