“There is nothing like doing what you love whom you love.”

OWN’s new power couple, Melody and Martell Holts share everything about their love, marriage, and partnership.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for you and your significant other if you both shared the dream of owning a business together? For some of us, this might be the fastest possible way to ruin the relationship. However, for others – like Melody and Martell Holts, from OWN’s soon to be released reality TV show, Love & Marriage Huntsville – it was the perfect way for the pair to grow not only as a couple but as successful entrepreneurs. The process hasn’t always been easy, but as the new show will most certainly portray, overcoming challenges – together as a couple, and not individually – is truly what establishes a firm foundation for a long lasting relationship. The Holts answered a few of our questions about how they’ve been able to succeed as a team.


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