New York Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated events in the fashion industry. Designers from around the world come to showcase their latest collections, and it’s a great opportunity to spot the newest trends. Here are some of the top trends we saw at this year’s NYFW:

  1. Leather: Leather was everywhere this year, from jackets to pants and even dresses. It was styled in a variety of ways, from bold colors to more classic styles.
  2. Oversized Silhouettes: Oversized clothing was a popular trend at NYFW. From blazers to dresses, designers played with volume and proportions to create striking looks.
  3. Cutouts: Cutouts were a popular detail in many collections, adding a sexy and playful touch to outfits.
  4. Bold Colors: Many designers opted for bold and bright colors this year. From neon green to hot pink, these eye-catching shades made a statement on the runway.
  5. Sheer Fabrics: Sheer fabrics were a popular trend, adding a delicate and feminine touch to outfits. Designers used sheer fabrics in tops, dresses, and even accessories.

Let us know what you hope to see in September!


Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash