Hustle in Brooklyn has become a groundbreaking show that displays a necessary narrative of young adults in their grind season. After spending three years as an advertising coordinator, Eva Evans decided pursue her dreams. Now a full-time comedian, Eva is thrilling crowds with laughter everywhere.

As a comedian, how do you keep your content fresh and funny?

I find the humor in life and that keeps my material fresh. We may not realize what we go through, so I draw attention to these situations in the form of a joke.

How is your journey displayed on Hustle in Brooklyn?

It follows me and shares what I’ve been doing for two years on stage. It showcases the hard work and everything that goes into it with the ups and downs. I love it no matter what because that’s what I’m passionate about.

 As a comedian, what is one common misconception?

When you’re a comedian people expect you to be in show mode all the time, that’s not how comedy works. Comedy is an element, so either you come to a show or you look me up on YouTube.

 Also, they ask in the most inappropriate situations [for a joke]. I’ll be minding my own business trying to grocery shop or I’m at school, church, or the hair salon and they say, ‘Oh, do it right now!’ That’s not how it works, and it can be very intrusive.

What are some of the beauty essentials you use daily? 

African Black Soap and Shea Butter

 My skins benefits from this the most, I haven’t had any pimples or acne in a while. I honestly believe it’s because both are very pure and simple. It just works so well and it’s amazing! I use it from head to toe. I even wash my hair with the soap. It’s very refreshing, pure, and clean.

 What can we expect next from you?

A tour hitting stages across the country. 

Photo: Clifton Prescod/BET

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