“You know John when you get my age, you only wish that you took
more chances in life, you’ll never wish that you took less.”

– John Nicholson’s grandmother

Murder Chose Me star, John Nicholson was not always on the path to the hit television show he now is the lead actor in. As a world traveler, father, and talented actor, Mr. Nicholson is the man in blue who always has a clue.

Can you tell us a little more about who Mr. John Nicholson is?

I was born and raised in New York City. Prior to acting, I was working a corporate career, my background in investigations allowed me to maintain positions as a corporate director of investigations or corporate director of security, working for Bloomingdales and a couple of different major retailers T.J. Maxx and Circuit City, that was my background. When I was living in Atlanta, I was dared to go on an audition, because every couple of years, I would say my New Years resolution is to take acting classes. After three or four new years with never acting on the resolution a friend of mine dared me to go on this audition, I went and I was booked the lead role in the play. I have no idea how because I didn’t have a resume, headshot, or anything when I showed up.

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