Now a days it is very common for people to utilize and wear makeup every day. It has become an essential part of a woman’s morning routine. However, there is this new challenge, called the Natural Face Challenge. This challenge is not to say that makeup is negative or shouldn’t be worn. This challenge is so that women may embrace their natural faces on a daily bases.

Makeup is everywhere. Whether it be a television advertisement or social media advertisement, or on the shelf in nearly every store. Women around the world are constantly being sold on how to improve their looks or how to appear more beautiful. Because makeup is so common, it has led to many women believing they are not as beautiful as they could be without it. Though it is fun and useful, makeup cannot define a women’s beauty; that must come from the inside.

The Natural Face Challenge encourages women to stop their usage of makeup for an entire month. It encourages women to post pictures of their natural faces and be proud of their natural beauty. After a whole month, makeup will become an option and not a necessity. Women will be able to be confident and secure in knowing that they are flawless without cover up or concealers. Overall, the Natural Face Challenge is empowering beyond description. Try it for yourself!

Featured Image: Shutterstock