Together we stand, divided we fall

I always chose not to buy into the “dog eat dog” mentality that society tries to teach us. I also chose not to form or join any girl cliques after I left high school behind. Society will tell you that every other girl is your competition and you have to step on them to get far…I say, no you don’t!

The most powerful force on earth is women who are unafraid to unapologetically lift other women up and make room for other women at the table. I recently had the opportunity to work with some dope women to come up with a “Friendsgiving” themed shoot. We all came together, put our egos aside and the fruit of our labor was beautiful.

As we enter Thanksgiving, I want to challenge us all to reevaluate how we treat other women, reevaluate how cliquish our circle is and reevaluate how to be more inclusive, more loving and how we can reach out to others around us, on our jobs, and in our spheres of influence to collaborate and make beautiful things happen for our community.

Happy Holidays!

Funmi Ford

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