Pamela Watson is a style expert and fashion entrepreneur, it is obvious that this fashionista knows it all. She studies style and fashion in a way that’s visionary and TED-talk worthy. I met Pam by referral of a friend at the BET Awards when hearing of the first Stylist Suite 2016. She had the perfect personality for television and rode deep with celebrity stylist EJ King. It was a match made in heaven. We got so many great images of Pam the first year of The Stylist Suite, with her shorts business suit, short curly afro, and glistening skin, our photographer had a field day. She surely left an impression on me. She had an air of icon yet warm and motherly.

She’s passionate about the business of fashion kids clothing and expresses her finds and creating collaborations with both TV personalities and her over 15K followers looking to her for advice.

She’s most recently seen on NBC News offering advice at the Macy’s booth during the BET Experience in Los Angeles, giving Fashion forecasts, or opening a Pop Up show for Kids wear. Watson displays brands like her own kids line: BryceWear and Bambini, designers of kids trench coats and cold weather scarves. No other stylist is more diverse and able to communicate fashion more than Pamela Watson.

We talked to Pam to discuss kid’s fashion.

What was the inspiration behind Brycewear?

BryceWear is named after my son Bryce.  As a first time mother, I wanted runway inspired trends for him. I was frustrated by it. You can find girls but you can never find any for boys. I would have to do my due diligence to find websites, stores and companies. As a professional, it was a lot of effort. Then I wondered, what would the average person do? What do other parents do when they’re looking for stylish clothes for boys? My husband got tied of me complaining; he said, “Why don’t you do something about it”? Don’t challenge me. I created BryceWear. I created out of a necessity.

I favored the cold weather and it’s always about the menswear and the detail. I’ve styled more men in my career then women; I Love the luxury about menswear. Menswear don’t have a lot of choices; the complexity of the fabric, the textures, and detailing.  I was trying to fill the void. I just wanted to start giving people an option and not available to them.

MY son is now 14. I started this collection when he was about 6 months. It took me a year to make it, materialize it into a full collection. I started it in 2004. I was dead in the middle of pushing myself styling clients and juggling two careers.

That was 2004, whats your impression of boy’s fashion now in 2018?

My impression is what told them so long ago. Now you can go into Gucci even H&M and find a huge array of clothing for kids in style and in trend. It just wasn’t there. The classic styles that I have made back then still work now today.

It’s a curse and a blessing to already know trends and what’s coming. My vision was very early. If I could go back and wish again, I was trying to bring this up into an empire. My own dime produced BryceWear; I put over $250,000 of my own money. I went big. If I could do it again, I would do it with more of a business mind and form more partnerships.

What are your views of the styling industry?

Large and watered down. People carry the title of a stylist; sales people in stores are calling themselves stylists. People that blog are considered stylists. They don’t have the hands on experience. There’s very few of us that can say that they can build a look from scratch based on an idea. It’s not about just shopping.

What inspires you now?

I’m under the own umbrella of the fashion. Right now it’s in design. I’m starting to feel warm and fuzzy about design again. Now that I’m in the union for Costume Design, I get to have fun building stories. We use to do that a lot when we did in videos. Back to tinkering to design for kids. In my household it’s all boys so I love men’s wear but I’m listening and I’m able to do both genders and listening to more feedback from moms.

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