The young and vibrant actress, Jaidyn Tripplett is widely known for her features in, Blackish, multiple Disney shows, and now as Millicent in Paramount’s reboot of ICarly. She got her start in TV at a young age by filming commercials with her father, Joshua Triplett. Jaidyn comes from a creative and talented family. They all enjoy making entertaining family videos for their Youtube channel, Triplett’s Family Network. Their videos include vlogs, cooking, funny challenges and lots of behind the scenes content.

Jaidyn Triplett is a versatile performer with natural talent. She has many passions which go hand in hand with her strong drive and dedication. In this interview, we catch up with Jaidyn and talk about her upcoming EP Bopstar, fashion, and her time on set for the upcoming seasons of Paramount’s ICarly and Disney’s Secrets Of The Sulfur Springs and so much more.


KIYOMI: Hey Jaidyn! It’s great to have you here interviewing for Sheen. How are you and what have you been up to lately?

Jaidyn: I’ve been good! Most of this year and last year I’ve been working on my music and acting on Icarly. I’m hoping my music will be out sometime this summer. I’ve been working on an EP and I haven’t released music before this so I’m excited! Besides that I’ve also been focused on school.


KIYOMI: Wow, I’m excited about this EP! What can we expect to hear from your music and what inspired this EP of yours?

JAIDYN: I want my songs to have an intention and deeper meanings behind them. One of my favorite songs I have coming out is called, I’m Enough. I mentioned in a previous interview about health that, that was my mantra, it’s always stuck with me. So, I wanted to put that in my song.


KIYOMI: I love that! it definitely sounds like the EP will have songs that are empowering and healing. Do you have a name for the EP yet?

JAIDYN: Yes! It’s going to be called BopStar! I’m excited for everyone to hear it.


KIYOMI: Cute! I love that! So, you are very busy with school, recording music, acting on Icarly, and filming for youtube. Is there anything else you’re working on?

JAIDYN: Yes, I’ll be working on a feature film in Ohio soon, but in my free time I like to do my nails and I like baking. I discovered I had a passion for it in Quarantine and it blossomed from there, I even sell cheesecake for people on set.


KIYOMI: Oh wow, I love cheesecake too. What kind of cheesecake do you like?

JAIDYN: I make a Nutella mousse cheesecake, I’m a big Nutella lover so it’s my favorite.


KIYOMI: So cool, I would love to try that. So I know you run a Youtube channel with your family and you do cooking videos from time to time. How did your family’s journey on youtube begin?

JAIDYN: It’s a lot of fun! We started two years ago when we first moved into our new house and it’s been fun to record with my family and show people what happens in our daily life. I also started doing a cooking show on our Youtube and I definitely want to continue with that.


KIYOMI: Sounds fun, it must be nice to work with your family and have them around as a support, especially for events and other memorable moments. How is it to have them support you in the industry and share in those experiences?

JAIDYN: My family is very involved in entertainment and arts. My sister, Jordyn has so many talents and loves learning from me so I’m glad I get to set that example for her. My dad has been in the industry for a while too and my first commercial was with him! So, we have a close relationship. Same with my mom she does acting and modeling too and I always go to her especially for support emotionally.


KIYOMI: I love that you have a strong support system around you, especially for dealing with challenging experiences and when exciting opportunities come around. Recently you got to have an exciting experience at the Kids choice awards, with your family, and Icarly even was nominated for the best Family TV Show award! How was that experience?

JAIDYN: It was so much fun! I loved my outfit. It was a beautiful gown and I wore faux locs for the first time and got to meet Halle Bailey! We matched with our locs. It was amazing getting to meet her and she was also the inspiration behind my outfit that night. I had a great time.


KIYOMI: I saw your dress! It was very colorful and playful. Is that how you would describe your style?

JAIDYN: Probably something comfortable, but still fashionable. My closet is full of my favorite clothes and I like wearing color but still being comfortable and cute.

KIYOMI: Comfy is always the best way to go! especially when you can elevate being comfy into something nice and presentable. So, a little more about the awards, what was your favorite moment?

JAIDYN: Well, I liked wearing these 5-inch boots for the first part, but then my feet got uncomfortable. I really liked the show! It was fun being in the audience and meeting people. Also seeing the performances and all the different music was fun. It was a crazy, wild, and funny experience!


KIYOMI: How cool! The Kids Choice Awards looks like a crazy fun time. And it must’ve been more special since The Icarly cast was nominated for an award. What can you tell us about shooting for the 3rd season of Icarly that will be airing soon?

JAIDYN: I feel like the directors kicked it up a notch for this season. It’s one of my favorite seasons. There are many wild and funny moments. The part I loved the most is being able to play Milicient and grow with her. I’ve been playing her for two years and over the years I’ve applied a lot of myself to this character and it’s cool because I’m able to watch her grow up as well.


KIYOMI: Do you feel more connected to your character now than in the beginning when you first started playing Millicent?

JAIDYN: I think I’ve always felt connected to her, I immediately step into character when I go on stage and it feels very natural to do that.


KIYOMI: What can we expect to see from Millicent in this upcoming season?

JAIDYN: A lot of growth! Towards the end of the season, she addresses some family struggles and we dive more into the struggles of being adopted into a family.


KIYOMI: That will be exciting to see! You’re also working on Disney’s Secrets of the Sulfur Springs?

JAIDYN: Yes, I went to New Orleans last year for 2 months with my mom, to film and that was an amazing experience. New Orleans is a magical place. On set, the whole cast was so sweet and I loved filming because the show is more dramatic and I am a very dramatic person so it was so much fun!


KIYOMI: It is a more suspenseful and dramatic show and you’re new to playing Ruby on the show. How are you liking playing Ruby so far?

JAIDYN: OMG, I love her! I love the setting because it’s in the 1940’s. It’s cool playing a character from the past. It’s a whole new experience.


KIYOMI: What can we expect from Ruby this season?

JAIDYN: She is being introduced in this upcoming season so people will learn a lot about her. I’m hoping people can connect to her quickly because her story is being told the whole time.


KIYOMI: Well, I can’t wait to see you play Ruby, the show looks scary but also exciting!

I know you’ve featured in multiple Disney shows and other hit TV shows too. As a growing child star, I know there are tons of little girls who look up to you and are inspired by you. How do you keep connected to our fanbase?

JAIDYN: I feel that everything I do is for my fans. I didn’t see many people like me on TV growing up and I want little girls to feel connected to my characters and who I am and relate to me. So everything I do is with that intention.

KIYOMI: Do you have any advice for your audience?JAIDYN: My mantra is You’re always enough! No matter if you make mistakes, as long as you did your best you are enough. Also, to just be yourself. You don’t need to change for anyone. Know your worth and know yourself.

KIYOMI: That’s so true and so important! You are such a vibrant and incredibly talented person Jaidyn. Thank you for sharing everything with us!