We all dream of them. We may even envy them when we see little baby girls and boys with them. Those gorgeous dust catchers and eye protectors we call eyelashes. They compliment the eyes oh so well and while it may be fun to coat them in mascara, don’t you want to be sure you’re using the right utensil? It’s not just about the formula. The wand itself can make or break the application.

There are plenty of mascaras out there. From dollar store cheap to Sephora expensive. All mascaras are crafted differently and made for different types of eyes in order to achieve a variety of looks, and achieving that flawless look is key. Some people prefer thick and dark lashes, while others may like their’s voluminous and spaced out. According to makeup artist and Lazy Perfection founder Jenny Patinkin, “brushes pick up different amounts of mascara, have bristles that are more or less densely packed, or have varying degrees of flex. The results you get absolutely depends on the wand.”

We all can’t be blessed with lushes lashes but there are definitely wands out there to make sure that finishing touch we apply is perfect. If you have to go out and purchase false lashes to accentuate your lashes, that’s fine too! So check out these lash wands and see which one fits you best!

For natural lashes: To add a bit of volume and definition, look for the classic tubular mascara-wand shape, such as the one found in Shu Uemura Ultimate Natural Mascara. If you want to create a curl, focus your mascara application at the lash line.

For precise definition: Want to make your eyes like huge? Using a spiral brush, such as the one in Maybelline Great Lash Mascara will grab hold of and coat each lash, achieving that look people won’t be able to ignore!

For extended length: Ahh, the infamous long lash look. Sparse, supershort bristles, like the ones found on the Eyeko’s Skinny Brush Mascara wand, allow you to get right up against every lash from root to tip. Be sure to comb the mascara carefully and evenly through your lashes and don’t wiggle the wand between the roots. Its important to be gentle on your lashes do to sensitivity. Plus, applying too much will cause the dreadful clumpy look we all want to avoid.


For major drama: Look for long, tightly packed bristles on a rubber comb, like the one in Benefit They’re Real Mascara. Lots of bristles seriously bulk up your fringe, while the rubber detailing allows you to sculpt your lashes to perfection.

For winged lash look: If you want to add shape to your natural lashes, give supreme curl and lift, use a curved wand. These wands will mirror the look that you’re going for so they will suit you perfectly.

For lower lashes: How could we neglect those baby lashes?! Micro wands are what we need to compliment these. Other wands are too thick for the fragile lashes that are beneath our eyes. Micro wands like Innisfree Skinny Microcara Mascara will work on those baby bottom lashes too, so each little strand of hair (especially the short ones) get the attention they deserve!

Quick Tip:

Use thicker wands when it comes to increasing the volume on your lashes. They will pick up the most product to distribute throughout your lashes. When you’re shooting for length, definitely opt for a super-thin wand. They will give seamless coating from root to end. There’s plenty of mascaras out there to experiment with. Once you find that perfect tube, you’re only a wink away from rocking the best lashes yet!


Featured Image: Shutterstock