Three young men from Queens, New York, have come together to build a 1 million dollar automotive company in just one year! PTG-365, which was founded by Brandon Medford, Dave Obaseki, and Eric Whitehead is an automotive dealership that specializes in luxury car rentals as well as helping low-income families get their dream cars.

They are truly dedicated specifically to helping women and in the last year have helped over 100 single mothers get nice and affordable cars for their children. The men of PTG have several celebrity clients but believe that giving back to the community, specifically women in need give the company purpose. In addition to helping women get cars, they also help them build credit so that it’s much easier for these women to provide for their kids.

What separates them from other dealerships is their connections with manufacturers and banks as well as their ability to get all their clients approved within 24 hours. The company also specializes in leasing, financing, credit repair, accidents, and insurance. With all of their services and connections, they’ve managed to build a company net worth of $1.2 million dollars their first year in business.

Their headquarters is based in New York but within a year they’ve expanded to Los Angeles, Florida, and Atlanta. All of the founders have an extensive background working for car dealerships and came together in 2017 to launch the brand. They also all come from households with both parents but couldn’t imagine the sacrifices and challenges that single mothers face every day, especially when it comes to trying to purchase transportation.

Regardless of the client’s credit score, social status or income, PTG365 has the skills, work ethic, and dedication to fulfill anyone’s automotive needs. Their most notable clients include Rich The Kid, Isaiah Whitehead (Brooklyn Nets), DJ Spinking & Seankil Patrick Jr. (Chicago Bulls).

What programs do you offer to women who have credit issues?

Eric Whitehead: We offer many different programs for women but they vary based upon the situation or challenge of the deal. Some instances are additional rebates/incentives, reduced financial rates or even down payment assistance.

What sparked the inspiration behind creating this company?

Eric Whitehead: My spark started from my loving cars from a young age and always being passionate about any and everything I’ve ever been involved in.

Brandon Medford: We wanted to change lives and give everyone an opportunity. Being in the dealership we’ve seen customers who have been turned down due to income or credit so we want to help and inspire people to get a new vehicle no matter what their situation is, we are adding fire, soul, and motivation.

What brought all of you together to start a business?

Dave Obaseki: We decided that we needed to put our minds together and build an empire; we were tired of making another man or woman richer with our talent.

Eric Whitehead: I saw so much potential in both of my business partners. I introduced them, and from that point on there was a spark & instant team chemistry.

What have you discovered to be the most rewarding parts of your business?

Dave Obaseki: Some of the most rewarding is the number of clients who reach out to us to purchase cars now, our outreach is insane. Also, the way we go about getting clients approved is way smoother and easier on our end, that’s something that took time.

Tell me about your most touching success story for a female client?

Brandon Medford: There was a special customer her name is Miss Garcia, she went to every dealership and was denied everywhere. She came into my office one day we sat down and discussed her situation. She was spending too much money on cabs and Uber’s and it was getting to the point where she was about to lose her job for being late almost every day. She begged us for our help and we were able to get her in her brand new car in 24 hours. When she found out that she was approved she cried and could not stop thanking us because she didn’t think it was possible but we got it done!

What’s next for each of you outside of the business?

Brandon Medford: What’s next for us is motivational speeches all over the world to teach the youth about financial freedom.

Dave Obaseki: Getting involved in Real estate and taken over that market as well as multiple body shops.

Eric Whitehead: There are so many ideas underneath our umbrella that are currently in the works everyone has to stay tuned!

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All images by Jonathan Adam