It is February and Cupid is on his quest to shoot his arrows and make people fall in love. If only finding love was this easy. Here are a few tips to follow when you are seeking the love of your life:

  1. Be available and present in the moment. Give them your undivided attention and respect their time. Show them you are interested. Maintain eye contact when talking or listening to the person. They need to know they are a priority and worthy of your time and focus.
  2. Speak and communicate with the person. Communication is a major factor in any relationship. People think differently so ask questions and be honest at all times.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  The things you say should be genuine and straight from the heart.
  3. Let past relationships go. Don’t spend most of your time bashing your ex and discussing the past. Discard those memories because life is too short to dwell on the past. It is time to move forward. Focus on the present moment and build on your current relationship.
  4. Be consistent. Make sure your actions match your words at all times. Being consistent builds trust in a relationship. When you are inconsistent it can cause a person to have a “shadow of doubt” about the things you say and do. Sometimes it is the little things that have the most impact. Don’t give them a reason to doubt your feelings.
  5. Teach them how you want to be loved. Don’t assume a person knows how you want to be loved. It is your responsibility to be specific and vocal about how you want to be loved and treated. Show them how to love you.  In the beginning of the relationship, you are happy and floating on a cloud but the key is to make sure the magnetism continues throughout the course of the relationship because there will be trials and tribulations that will transpire.
  6. Value and make the relationship a priority. Cherish every moment that you spend with the person. Always remember there are some people that cannot be replaced and will leave an indelible mark on your heart.  If you find someone special you better hold on tight.
  7. Learn their love language. According to Dr. Chapman the five love languages are quality time, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. It is imperative to discuss love language and how they express their affection.

While you are waiting to meet “the one,” continue to grow and develop yourself. You are already complete but the person will add more happiness to your life. At the end of the day when it’s all said and done, love is the only thing that really matters.

Featured Image: Shutterstock