Nothing ruins a perfect day like a once beautifully-made face destroyed by profuse sweating in high temperatures.

I guess we all could just avoid wearing any makeup all summer and opt for the barefaced look, but who are we kidding? Where’s the fun in that, anyway?

Plus, what would we do if we needed a quick pick-me-upper, needed a fresh face for an event or simply just want to be cute during our walk in the park?

Luckily, for all of our sakes, we don’t have to sacrifice beauty because of the heat. There are plenty of ways to tailor your current routine during the hotter months to make sure your makeup is fresh and pretty.

Here are just a few.

Primer is Essential

Primers are a God-send in the summer since they are actually made to help makeup cohere to the skin a little longer. Just a small amount can assist with minimalizing shine throughout the day for a longer and more finished look. Taking the extra minute to apply an oil-free primer after your moisturizer will leave your makeup looking flawless.

Less is More

Too much makeup in the heat has a tendency to make women look unnatural. For a more relaxed glowing look, skip the heavy foundation and instead use a tinted moisturizer and light concealer.

Become the Waterproof Queen

Scorching heat and humidity are the perfect inspiration to keep your makeup routine minimal, particularly concerning your mascara. Mascara that’s water resistant is more suited for the summer months.

Finish it off with Setting Spray

Don’t just carry that hot sauce in that bag; make sure you’ve got a great setting spray too. Makeup setting sprays are always great to keep around, but become particularly handy when sweat is involved. A facial mist can prevent your makeup from budging for hours and grant you some serious staying power.