It’s summertime baby and we couldn’t think of a more perfect time to go natural! We know you want to feel as free as possible but for many, you’re holding back. Why is that? What if we told you, you don’t have to worry about your hair drying out? That’s right, we were introduced to Fortify’d Naturals and we had to get the word out! Summer is all about relaxation and soaking up the sun, but who said you couldn’t look amazing while doing so? With their all natural ingredients, you’re guaranteed hair growth, reduced breakage, and so much more! Join us as we got to know the founder of Fortify’d Naturals, Tracy Golbourne and how her hair care line is changing the lives of naturalistas all over the world!

Can you tell our readers about yourself?

Well, I started going to school for nursing and I eventually ended up having to stop because I couldn’t find anyone to care for my children anymore. I ended up being stuck in another state because I decided to go to school out of state. I guess by accident, I went natural only because where I lived, there was no one there who was able to care for my hair. I found so many issues with my hair at that point. It began to fall out, I couldn’t keep it moist, and my scalp was irritated. I basically utilized what I had learned in school, I also took a year off to study on my own, that’s how I ended up here formulating products. Initially, it was for my own hair, it was never intended to sell.

Could you share with our readers the difference between moisture and hydration?

Hydration means that the ingredients are actually able to penetrate the hair strand instead of resting on top, which is what moisture is. A moisturizing ingredient is a film-forming agent used to seal the strand and lock in water. This is only a temporary solution as water quickly evaporates from the strand and cannot be trapped. A hydrating property is one that penetrates the hair strand opposed to simply forming a film on top of it. The issue is that you can’t fill water in because it will evaporate which is why often times naturalistas end up with dry hair so fast. Our formula uses ingredients where molecules that are small enough to actually penetrate the hair strand along with water. This keeps the hair hydrated for a longer period of time without having to rehydrate.

Do you have a favorite product from the line and can you tell us about it?

My favorite product from the line would be the Growth Enhancing Moisture Therapy. The reason it is my favorite is because like I said, I had a lot of scalp issues. When I formulated this product, I formulated it with herbal ingredients like Chamomile and Linden Flower. Those ingredients actually soothe the irritation that I was experiencing. It is also our most hydrating product. It literally melts into your hair like butter. It helps with hair growth, softens the hair and also relieves the irritation on the scalp.

The ingredients play an important role in the success of these products; can you give us insight on the products?

Basically, there is not one key ingredient. The whole premise of it is that often times, customers or people, in general, are going for moisture. Everything that they are looking for is for moisture. What makes our products different is that they are more for hydration.

What can we expect to see from Fortify’d Naturals in the future?

In the future, I do plan on putting more products but I think, more importantly, I want to put out something that has a purpose. I don’t want to ever make products randomly for the sake of sale. It has to be significant for not just the hair but also the scalp. Essentially, hair is dead. What you need to take care of is your scalp. In the future, we would be moving towards scalp hair.

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