This new skin care brand has completely changed the game! The Atlanta based brand, Pure Tropix has created a collection to attack common skin issues, primairly within the multicultural community. Not only are these products natural but they are all made with tropical origins you may be familiar with such as, cocoa butter, aloe, ginger, and many more. The owner of Pure Tropix gave Sheen the scoop on how how incorporating her Caribbean decent has helped formulate the best products for your skin!

Where did the idea come about to create Pure Tropix?

I suffered from ingrown hairs for so long. So, after trying everything on the market to no avail, I started studying everything there was about skin care and reached out to my grandma in Belize. Standing on our family farm, Pure Tropix was created.

What sets Pure Tropix apart from other natural skincare brands?

The joy of Pure Tropix is in traveling the world through scent and skin perfection. It is in experiencing beauty and romance through the eyes of different cultures. It’s the thrill of feeling more of oneself in a foreign land than at home. It’s the world and all its magical possibilities unveiled through the transformative powers of Pure Tropix.

Can you tell us about the most popular products from the brand?

Our number one seller, hands down is our Ingrown Hair Prevention. To say its changing lives would be a understatement. It is made with a sap fromSouth America, Sangre de Grado (dragon’s blood) that is naturally sustainable and does wonders for skin!

The brand is influenced by the Caribbean culture, what can you tell us about the formulation of the products?

We use recipes and ingredients sourced from all over the Caribbean and we travel there twice a year to learn from healers and herbalist so that we can better perfect our craft!

What can we expect to see from Pure Tropix in the future?

We’re working on bringing our vision of introducing little known botanicals to the world challenging the norms and preconceived notions of skin care. We are also focusing on expanding into Brazil and Africa.

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