So, I’m sure we’ve all chosen a favorite on Beyoncé’s new album, Lemonade! My favorite you ask? The number one song that stays on repeat for me is “All Night”, and its soooo good! Surprised? Probably not with me being a Matchmaker… of course I’d connect most with a song all about true love, right? Lol Well I did, and I love it! It made me get lost in thinking about my own true love and what it feels like and how I knew my husband was without doubt THE ONE for me. And, so I started to write…

No Guess Work

If he loves you, you know he loves you because his actions are a direct reflection of his confessions of love for you. His intentions and feelings are clear and unmistakably obvious to any witness. True love is never misleading.


True love is consistent. Let me repeat, TRUE LOVE IS CONSISTENT!!! You have to ask yourself does he consistently handle you with care? Does he express the same level of interest and commitment to the relationship on Monday, Saturday night and two months from now? True love is sincere in it’s pursuit, so his interaction with you over a course of time should prove that.


True love makes time for you even when it’s not convenient. There’s a value placed on time together, and he’ll take that time seriously. He’ll make himself available when he’s all in and considers you and the relationship important.

Empathetic to Imperfection

True love doesn’t expect perfection, but thrives in honesty and deepens with transparency. It has compassion for the bruised heart and empathy for the unguided heart. It creates barriers of protection and security to influence and welcome growth.


True love is powerful. It not only motivates the two people involved to fall deeper, but inspires others to aspire to achieve it. True love sets an infectious standard that we all subconsciously and consciously strive for. It’s not threaten or easily challenged. And if it doesn’t last (for whatever reasons) it will always be understood as a staple and unforgettable encounter to any witness.

So…what Lemonade track got you stuck in your thoughts and finds itself repeatedly blasting through your speakers?

As Always,


Your Favorite Matchmaker,