Singleness isn’t bound to just one particular season, but there are some better suited for the single life than others. If you just went through a breakup with the one you shared the cold days of winter with, don’t fret!

The spring is a time for rejuvenation. It’s about experiencing life and stepping outside – remembering what grass feels like – and allowing the wind to blow through your new weave. I’m not saying you should dump whoever you’re dating to experience being sans bae during the spring months, but if you find yourself here, embrace it!

  1. Girls Trips!

Every spring weekend is perfect for a last-minute trip out of town with friends. Being single saves you the annoying step of having to clear it with the significant other.

  1. Utilize Your City!

During the spring cities, are full of events and activities that allow people to network and mingle. Free movie nights in the neighborhood? Music festivals? Farmers’ markets? These are fun places to make new friends and meet new people.

  1. Tackle Your To-Do List!

Spring is the perfect time to scratch things off of your to-do list. The days are longer, which means you have more time to finally finish the blog post you’ve been wanting to write, or actually learn how to cook, so you can give Chipotle a break. Whatever you’ve been wanting to do, do it!

  1. Read A Book!

You have time to actually read all of your reads, instead of just buying them and stacking them for the perfect Instagram picture. There are so many good books out this summer like Becoming by Michelle Obama. How could you, in good conscience, not read about Michelle Obama?

  1. Solo It Out!

Take a day to venture out into the world and dare I say it! – leave your phone at home. You could even take a quick overnight trip to a nearby city you’ve only ever passed through. Use this time to explore the world and get to know yourself.

Soak up this spring season by making a bucket like just list like this one. Check every single item off, and by the end, you’ll have turned your breakup into a breakthrough to your best life.


This feature was submitted by Aliscia Marie


Aliscia Marie is a body-positive fashion and lifestyle blogger from Birmingham, Alabama. She began her journey of blogging three years ago, with the desire to build self-confidence within herself. Over the years, her goal of building self-confidence has blossomed into using her writing to encourage her peers to embrace and love themselves. Aliscia accepts who she is, while continuing to work towards where she wants to be.

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