Series to highlight the stories and voices of influential women of color, including Tamika Mallory, Mahisha Dellinger, April Reign, Alicia Garza, Dana Chanel, Tracy Garraud, and more!

TV One officially launched their new network geared towards generation x and millennial black women last month on January 19th. Since the launch the network has recently announced a new groundbreaking series, CLEO SPEAKS. The series will highlight the personal lows, successes, and triumphs of influential women of color. Kudos to TV One for creating a narrative for black women outside of reality television series, or even scripted series that may not present the black woman in the best light. CLEO TV is committed to showcasing the different and many layers that a black woman is made of. Black women will listen to other black women once they’ve reached a level of success. The women featured on the show are all self-made, inspirational, and successful stories that will inspire.

CLEO SPEAKS is a candid series that gives dynamic women a platform to share their unique experiences and perspectives on issues facing Millennial and Gen X women of color today. Selected for their impact on the world, true modern leaders, from CEOs and activists to entrepreneurs, share their truths. In intimate settings, they reveal the personal and emotional journeys that have shaped their careers and influenced their success. Featured speakers also sound off on a variety of topics, including motherhood, fashion, relationships, wellness, politics, arts, social justice, business and more. CLEO SPEAKS was conceptualized by TV One General Manager Michelle Rice, who was responsible for shepherding the development of CLEO TV, and will serve as the network’s signature series. Influencers featured on the series include; Tamika Mallory, activist, Dana Chanel, founder, Sprinkle of Jesus; April Reign, activist/creator #OscarsSoWhite; Mahisha Dellinger, CEO/founder, CURLS Beauty Brands; Tracy Garraud, co-host, Sway in The Morning and founder, She’s Beauty and The Beast; Alicia Garza, activist/co-founder, Black Lives Matter and more.