Founders, Tori and Victory of The “Colored Girl” campaign are a shining example of what it means to be fierce and authentic, through what is now acclaimed as a fashion and beauty love story that is downright infectious!


For decades, women of color have been put into marginalized groups that effects how we are represented in the fashion and beauty industry. The “Colored Girl” campaign, is determined to restructure the idea of what humanity looks like and how it expresses itself through powerful images of colored girls, wrapped up in each others truth, beauty and strength. This matter of representation is important because it allows women of color to have access to other colored girls who aren’t necessarily black, but fighting to be accepted in a color-blind world.

            “Yes, We love black women. We are black! But we are also brown and part of a much larger global community of Colored Girls.”

– The Colored Girl

 Commanding attention through beauty and fashion, Tori and Victory took a bold approach by handpicking elite hair and makeup artists, irresistible models and leading-edge fashion designers, Jay Hunt Designs, Made by Soka and Malcolm Diggs to help discover The “Colored Girl” Original Campaign and their recent campaign, “Rebirth.” The aesthetics of fresh nudes signifies a journey to “self – discovery,” accepting and embracing everything you are with no limitations, while the original girls in crisp white kindles “rebirth,” an awakening of virtue.

The power of attraction amongst each model’s exquisite artistry, and wardrobe is an extraordinary bond that is empowering and full of magic!


Whether, black, brown or white, The “Colored Girl” campaign speaks to women who are still fighting for equality and for their voice to be heard in a society that hand selects what beauty should represent. However, without further ado, brown girls more so than ever before are embarking on a journey that is unshakable through their versatility, melanin popping skin and refined beauty!

The Colored Girl Campaign is the most fist pumping love story ever!

– Kiara Tolliver

Founders and Creative Directors: @styledbytori & @srvj

Photographer: @islandboiphotography

PR: @heirpr

Makeup Artist: @delightfulace @itzjackieeee @bellisma81 @joss.theboss

Hair: @sashairstudio @touched_by_tiff @jayhairbigga

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